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Fluid Sensor Flowplus

The fluid sensor flowplus 16 is a new development of ViscoTec Pumpen- u. Dosiertechnik GmbH. This sensor guarantees optimum process safety for almost all applications in which media is transported. flowplus 16 can be used universally for the pressure measurement of fluids and other media in dosing applications. Via intelligent software, the flowplus 16 can analyse static and dynamic flow application mechanics.

With the flowplus solution, your dosing application is always under control to ensure maximum process reliability.


The flowscreen is a robust evaluation unit for a wide range of applications. In combination with the flowplus16, the system is for process monitoring of fluids. Both components could be used and integrated as single products due to their standardized signals and connections.

By means of the special developed software, signals like the flow rate for optimizing your processes could be visualized. Instable or pulsating flow rates, e.g. pressure variations could be individually selected and evaluated.

The intuitive user guidance of the software and the user-friendly touchscreen guarantee optimal process control for a lot of applications at any time.

Life Science

In the life science industry the flowplus supports especially doctors, biologists and chemists in the research and diagnosis with a wide variety of media and controls the dosage of such media.


Analysts and laboratory technicians benefits from the high accurate and reliable fluid sensor by their research and analysis of various body fluids. The fluid sensor is mainly used for high-tech and fully automated applications.


The photonics nowadays including not only the information technology, but also the modern lighting techniques with LED’s, OLED’s and laser light sources. This micro- and nano-structured component requires a maximum process reliability which is guaranteed through the dosing control flowplus.


The electronic industry, especially the semiconductor industry demands high precision and reliability. Due to the miniaturization of components and electronic parts a maximum process safety and reliability in this industry is essential, which will be guaranteed by the fluid sensor flowplus.


Fully automated processes require and need a highly precise dosage control of the pressure to guarantee the process safety and quality standards.