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Micro-dosing / dispensing

Adhesives and Chemicals: Dosing and Application

ViscoTec has developed special designed micro-dosing units which are using the endless-piston / progressive cavity principle, and are therefore unique in the world. All advantages from the endless-piston-principle (for example no dripping, accuracy) are now also provided for micro-dispensing applications (for example in SEMICON, Electronics, Medical, Display-manufacturing and Automotive).

These micro-dosing products are represented mainly by the preeflow® trademark. The preeflow® product group consists of plug & play dosing units.

They belong to the smallest systems on the market that work according to the ViscoTec endless-piston principle. Volumetric dosing and exceptionally easy handling and maintenance are the salient features of these systems. With preeflow® products, dosing quantities from 0.001 ml are really simple to achieve.

preeflow® stands for high-quality products ranging from dosing control units to dosing dispensers which live up to our slogan “small, precise, economical”. Very easy to operate, this micro metering pump or micro dosing pump is particularly suitable for use in manual workstations. But they were also developed for automatic operation as installation devices in control cabinets or backup panels.


Dynamic change of Volume while Dispensing!

No Drip or Tail with better Suck Back!

Highest Accuracy and Repeatability!

Thermal Pastes (Shear Sensitive) Material Dispensing!