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TK rotary table motors consist of separately supplied stator and rotor units suitable for direct assembly inside the structure of the machine. TK motors are three phase, rare earth (Iron Neodymium Boron) permanent magnet units and reach the highest continuous and peak torque density available today.



New AC drive AxN has been developed by Phase Motion Control and is the perfect partner for U3 brushless motors and for TK torque motors. AxN means a complete power range between 15 Arms to 110 Arms in 4 sizes, together with several built in interface: analogue (+/-10V), fieldbus (CANOpen and EtherCAT), pulse and direction.



The highest efficiency and power density in high power Dc-Ac converters it reached by the new Ax-W range. Production started of the high power, water cooled Ax-W range of Dc-Ac converter drives rated 250,300 and 400 amp, up to 700 V Dc input. AxW converter drives complement at the high power lever the Ax-M range of programmable drive platforms. They pack up to 250kVA power conversion capacity in the smallest package yet, within a volume of only 500x200x150 mm and 18 kg. The water cooled converters are specifically designed for continuous process where energy efficiency and long life are at a premium, especially when coupled with the high efficiency Phase Motion Control high speed PM motors. Full power efficiency is guaranteed in excess of 97% and the design life of the drive at rated power exceeds 100,000h. All AxW drives share the advanced control platform of the Ax-M drives, with programmable, built-in PLC, CanOpen and Ethernet daisy chain bus communication. Applications range from high power industrial drives, fluid compressors and pumping, to traction of industrial and military vehicles, battery operated or hybrid.