About us


Rtech Dynamics specializes in Robotics to supply complete solutions in manufacturing industries and robotic control application.Vision system, direct drives are logical complement to electronics to translate control logic into the physical world.

From the beginning, the establishment of this company is based on the emphasis of know-how, technical expertise and customer service.

Having said so, the founder had been trained in Barcelona, Italy and Japan to carry out it’s commitments to their customers. Having been working in the Industrial Automation industry as Business Development, Sales & Marketing line for over 15 years of experience, the founder had tailored a technical service customer care methodology approach to their customers.


“ The aim of the Company is to bring robotics know-how and to progress innovative manufacturing solutions together with our customers as a team. “

Our History

From the humble beginning in the June 2016, our founding owner, KW Chong started his humble trading company in Kuala Lumpur known as Rtech Dynamics Sdn Bhd. With the commercial & technical support of Yamaha Robotics Japan, Rtech Dynamics ventured into the robotics solution business. Rtech Dynamics had taken up IDS Vision system from IDS Vision GmBH as to fulfil the complete robotics solutions. Along the way, the product range had expanded into Delta robot where Rtech Dynamics works closely with Sipro. Dispensing application with robotics had been in high demand since 2014 and due to this, we had worked with Viscotec in providing motorized dispensing system to our clients.

There is only one simpler rule to the sustaining growth since its inception, client-oriented with the goal of improving clients businesses and operations.


To be a highly reliable regional professional firm committed to improve the quality of life of its employees that provides full range of quality/value added services, delivered by best-in-class and practical people.


♦  To be the best company to work for whereby employees are treated as part of a big family.

♦  To leverage on technology and Rtech Dynamics brand name to improve the gross margin.

♦  To venture into some related engineering services business to enhance income stream of the Company.

♦  To increase numbers of Partners and core team members and work with reliable partners in creating a meaningful nationwide robotic supply network by 2016.